Safe Motion Planning in Belief Space for Self-Driving Cars

Most of the planning approaches process environment information not in a probabilistic way. If they do, they miss the provable safety aspects. I combine both.

Multi-Hypothesis and Informative Motion Planning

What about planning motions of different homotopy classes jointly? Or planning maneuver-neutral motions for collecting information? My research tackles these aspects.

Nonlinear Optimization

Optimization is an essential tool of every engineer. I focus on nonlinearly constrained local-continuous solvers.

Monte-Carlo Tree Search based POMDPs

Almost every problem in life can be formulated as a POMDP. Solving these is tedious. I develop real-time capable MCTS-based solvers.

Cooperative Automated Driving

A hardware-friendly and promising way to increase the reliability of automated vehicles is utilizing intervehicular communication.

Automated Vehicle System Degradation

An autonomous system must perform performance assessment to adapt its behavior to its capabilities. Unfortunately, this aspect is not studied by many.


Name Material
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